fBBR-BBR LP mining method

We are happy to unveil the 3rd method for BBR mining.

fBBR-BBR LP mining method

1. You must have fBBR and BBR in your wallet.(using metamask)
- How to register fBBR token metamask and exchange SOC
- Install Metamask for PC and create a wallet

2. Connect your wallet to Uniswap.

3. Click the “Pool” menu and click “Add Liquidity”
(If you change to BBR under fBBR above and enter the quantity, it will be automatically adjusted.)

4. Click “Approve” to supply liquidity. (Gas expenses, pending)

5. After approval is complete, click on “Supply” and fBBR-BBR LP will be placed in your wallet. (Gas expenses, pending)

6. Go to https://app.bbr.finance/

7. Click “See the Farms” to connect to Metamask wallet

8. Click “Select” in the fBBR-BBR LP category

9. On the next screen, click “Approve” in the middle (gas fee, pending)

10. After clicking “Stake”, set the number of LP tokens to “Max” and click “Confirm” (gas fee occurs, pending)

11. Start mining