Bitberry Community Level Achievement Event

1. Level Achievement Event by 3 steps — $5 $5 $10 worth Tron🍓

: Let’s have a Chat and level up in Bitberry community! Whenever you reach a certain level, you will receive Trons!

Level 7 (1500 EXP) $5 Tron
Level 10 (5500 EXP) $5 Tron
Level 12 (11000 EXP) $10 Tron

* Abusing is prohibited
* If abusing is detected, the prize will be excluded from the event.
* Topics of chat is limited things related to BBR

2. Community Jackpot!🍓

: While you are talking in the community, jackpot will appear with a certain probability!

Jackpot = $100 Tron

No abusing
Only Bitberry related conversation allowed.

3. Thanks to BEST User = Special Community Reward for the best User🍓

: There is a special reward for users who know about BBR the most in the community and promote BBR to other users!

Reward $300 once per month

4. BBR Ambassador Program🍓

: Start an ambassador program for users with BBR!

Conditions of Ambassador

Users with over $1000 BBR
Users with promotional capabilities for the project (chat, promotion, post)

Reward $100 per month

Fill out the form:

* You need to fill in the Google form about what you have done once a month.

5. Meme Contest🍓

: Make me a meme about BBR! Various prizes are available depending on the quantity and quality of the memes!

Period: February 12 — March 12

Total Reward $1000

Most Memes, Best Quality Production Award: $400
High Quality Award: $300
Massive Meme Award: $200
Participation Prize (lottery): $100

Complete tasks 🍓:

1: Post your products on twitter using the hashtags #BitBerry #DeFi #BBR $BBR & tag @bitberryf

2. Follow @bitberryf on Twitter.

3: Join our Telegram:
(and post your submission, you can post multiple times to increase hype but avoid spam)

4. Fill out the form:

⏰ Deadline for submissions is March 12th at 8pm (UTC + 8)